Mission Statement

The staff, governors, children and parents of St Ambrose Catholic Primary School have developed and agreed the following mission statement unique to our school.

The Church
To follow the example of Jesus.
To embrace within our lives and learning the spirit of Jesus.
• To treat others as we would like to be treated.
• To be polite.
• To look after things.
• To listen carefully.
• To do our best.

To provide a high quality education which enables everyone to reach their full potential within a caring and supportive environment.
To develop and teach a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum appropriate to the spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional needs of every child.
• To implement activities that enable children to enjoy and achieve, so that each child is able to reach their full potential.
• To teach effectively and to set the highest standards in work and behaviour.
• To care for each child by ensuring that they feel safe and know that they are a valued member of God’s family.
• To encourage regular communication with parents in order to strengthen relationships between home and school.

To celebrate the school’s place in the community and wider world.
To strengthen and develop links within the parish and wider community.
• To join with the parish and local community to celebrate special occasions throughout the year.
• To welcome members of the local community to visit school to enhance the curriculum on offer.
• To provide opportunities for the children to visit places of interest in order for them to come to a better understanding of their lives and the world around them.
• To participate in charitable activities and to be able to empathise with the needs of others.

If you would like to download this Mission Statement, you can do so here