Welcome to our Nursery page! Here you can find out what the children have been getting up to in Nursery. Please keep checking back to see our regular updates.  We look forward to an exciting new school year!

Miss Mc Carry, Miss Lee and Mrs Rudkin

‘Whatever Next!’

This half term we have been focusing on the story ‘Whatever Next!’ In the story Baby Bear takes a trip to the moon on a ‘rocket’. The children have loved learning about space and we have had a big focus on 3D shapes. The children loved going on a 3D shape hunt and making rockets using 3D shapes. We became ‘scientists’ and did experiments too! In RE we have been learning all about ‘good news’. The children have really enjoyed sharing their good news with their friends.

Easter celebrations

We have been learning all about Easter and why it is a special time for us. The children have really enjoyed making Easter cards for their families and we had an Easter bonnet parade to show everyone in school our fantastic creations!

All that is left to say is we hope you have a lovely Easter and enjoy a well-deserved rest!

The Gingerbread Man

Our story focus this half term has been ‘The Gingerbread Man’. The children have really enjoyed retelling this story and creating their own story maps. We decided to become scientists and completed an experiment to see what might happen if the Gingerbread Man tried to cross the water without the “mean” fox. However we came to the conclusion that the poor Gingerbread Man was doomed whichever way he crossed the river. He was a very soggy, crumby mess after we placed him in the water.

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World Book Day

We had an absolute ball celebrating World Book Day! All the children came to school dressed as their favourite book character or in their pyjamas. We decided to join up with Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. We read the story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and then we had fun workshops relating to the story. We made fruit kebabs with Miss Mc Carry. When we went to Mrs Harris’ class we drew story maps for the story. In Miss See’s class we were learning about the lifecycle of a butterfly and in Mrs Jones’ class we used card to make our own caterpillars. It was a very busy day!

National Number Day

We decided to have a stay and play day to celebrate National Number Day. The children really enjoyed having their parents in school and playing counting and number games with them. In the afternoon the children went on a number hunt with Reception.

IMG_8928 IMG_8931 IMG_8945 IMG_8951 IMG_8956 IMG_8961 IMG_8988 IMG_8989 IMG_8995 IMG_8992

We loved  getting to know  the story ‘We’re Going on A Bear Hunt’. The teachers were so impressed at how quickly the children could recall the story. The children really loved making their own story maps from the story and going on their own bear hunt in the outdoors.

IMG_8098 IMG_8186 IMG_8283 IMG_8285 IMG_8366 IMG_8373 IMG_8534 IMG_8690 IMG_8697 IMG_8700 IMG_8883 IMG_8914

We cannot believe it is 2017 already! What a busy spring term it is going to be! We are looking forward to meeting all our new friends who will be starting Nursery this month. We have already had some new starters this week, and they have really enjoyed exploring our environment and making lots of new friends. This week we started our new ‘Talk 4 Writing’ programme and the children really enjoyed reading the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen.

Tis the season to be jolly!

We are so proud of our children in Nursery for taking part in our Christmas production ‘Angel Express’. I am sure that you will all agree that they were amazing! The children in afternoon Nursery also performed a lovely Christmas sing-a-long. In RE we were learning all about ‘Birthdays’ and how a very special baby called Jesus was born at Christmas. We wrote letters to Santa and counted presents to go on Santa’s sleigh. Our Christmas party was fantastic and a very special visitor arrived out of our cupboard!

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Forest school

We are so lucky to be in such a picturesque area of Speke. In the summer term our outdoor area was enlarged, and as a result the children now have an extended outdoor area to play in. In the past we went to Speke Hall for forest school, but this year we could do it in our own school. The children really enjoyed spending time with Miss Rebecca and Miss Carla from Five.

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Bonfire night

We have been very busy getting ready for Bonfire night in Nursery. Firstly we had to help our friend ‘Fireman Sam’  count fireworks that he had lost in our school. Then we explored colour mixing and made beautiful firework pictures using a scrubbing brush and glitter, it was very messy! As well as having lots of fun we were learning about how to stay safe on Bonfire night.

Healthy eating

We have been learning about staying healthy. We started this theme by reading ‘Kitchen Disco ‘by Clare Foges. In the story the fruit comes to life and has a party when the family have gone to bed. We also read ‘Oliver’s Vegetables which is about a little boy who will only eat chips. Then he goes to stay with his Grandpa and each day he tries a different vegetable. We have sorted food into healthy and unhealthy lunchboxes. We know that some food such as chocolate, sweets and crisps are really yummy, but we shouldn’t eat them all the time. For snack we made our own fruit salads, they were yummy!

IMG_7291 IMG_7287 IMG_7276 IMG_7271 IMG_7250 IMG_7237

IMG_7171 IMG_7119 IMG_7095 IMG_7093 IMG_7090 IMG_7084 IMG_7080 IMG_7066 IMG_7033 IMG_7025 IMG_7015 IMG_7011

In RE our topic is ‘Welcome’. In class we have been learning to say ‘welcome in the different languages that our friends speak. We have been talking about our families and how we are welcomed into God’s family. The children had a go at ‘baptising’ the baby in the water area.

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The signs of autumn

We have been continuing getting to know our new environment and making lots of new friends! This month we have been discovering our love of books. Miss Mc Carry asked us to bring our favourite books to nursery so that she could read them to us. The Early Years Book Company very kindly sent us some new books and they have been a big hit! We have loved learning about autumn and how the leaves change colour.  On Monday afternoon we had a very unexpected nocturnal creature visit us! We also went on a search for acorns, conkers, leaves and pine cones to add to our display. On Tuesday I had the opportunity to speak with parents about how their children were settling in, and it was lovely to hear your comments!

We hope you have a lovely week off and we will see you all again on 31st October.

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The beginning of a new school year

We have had a very busy few weeks in Nursery! Some of the children who were in our afternoon session have now moved to the morning session, and we have met lots of new faces since coming back to Nursery. The children have been enjoying getting to know one another and exploring their environment. Our extended outdoor area has been a huge hit with all of our children! Have a look at some of the things we have been getting up to.

IMG_5914 IMG_5915 IMG_5917 IMG_5922 IMG_5926 IMG_5954 IMG_5957 IMG_5959 IMG_5962 IMG_5964 IMG_6007 IMG_6010 IMG_6043 IMG_6046 IMG_6053 IMG_6062 IMG_6092IMG_6102 IMG_6108 IMG_6115