Welcome to the Reception Class Page! Here you can keep up to date with all of the things we have been getting up to in Reception. Check this page for news, information, letters and updates about what will be happening over the coming weeks. Please remember that if you ever have any questions, worries or concerns please feel free to talk to us at the end of the day. Thank you for your support and we are looking forward to a wonderful year ahead,

Mrs Harris & Mrs Van Flute

Run, run as fast as you can! You can’t catch me. I’m the GINGERBREAD MAN!
We have really enjoyed getting stuck in to our new story ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We became scientists, exploring and predicting what would happen to our gingerbread man if he had tried to cross the river without the help of that sneaky fox! Unfortunately, it still wouldn’t have been a happy ending because sadly, our gingerbread man didn’t quite make it through the day without breaking up into lots of soggy pieces…
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Parents Evening
Parents Evening for the children in Reception will take place on Monday 6th & Tuesday 7th March 2017 from 3.30-6.00pm. You should have received individual letters showing your allocated time and there is also a list on the classroom window. If this time is unsuitable, then please speak to me as soon as possible and I will try my best to accommodate your needs. If you wish Mrs Aga to support with translation, this can also be arranged.

Talk for Writing
This term, we have started our new Literacy programme and it has been a huge success. We were all a little bit nervous at first but Reception have blown our socks off and been true superstars! We have started by exploring ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. The children have become familiar with the story and can now re-tell it with confidence and ease using our whole class story map. Together, we have found out lots of information about bears and transformed our classroom to reflect this. By the end of the term, we had all created our very own story maps to re-tell the story on our own. We are very proud of Reception! This term, we will begin with the story ‘The Gingerbread Man’.

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Germ Busters
IMG_3613 IMG_3623We had a visit from the School Nurse to talk to us about the importance of washing our hands. She told us that we must wash our hands lots of times during the day…
– Before eating food
– After touching animals
– After going to the toilet
– After playing outside
– After coughing and sneezing

We put special cream on our hands and then tried our best using soap and water to wash it all off. We checked how well we had done using a special light. It was lots of fun but also a very important reminder of how to stop germs spreading. We LOVED becoming Germ Busters!! Check out the video on YouTube if you want a little reminder here.

Happy New Year 2017!
Welcome to a brand new year and a fresh start to the Spring term 2017. We have lots of exciting things planned this term including; learning how to Bollywood dance during our PE lessons, starting our new ‘Talk 4 Writing’ programme (we are very excited about this, you can find out more here) and lots more. Please remember, if you have any worries or questions then please ask Mrs Harris or Mrs Van Flute.

A visit from someone very special…
We couldn’t believe who came to visit our classroom today…SANTA!! He heard how hard we have been working in the run up to Christmas and decided to stop by with his reindeers (he left them on the roof!) to let us know that we are all on the good list. Woohoo. It was such a shock when he surprised us by jumping out of the cupboard and we felt very lucky to receive a personal treat from such a special visitor.
*We would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and thank you for a brilliant first term in Reception*

We did it!
Our Christmas production was a HUGE success and we are super proud of all how hard all of the children worked and performed on the day. It was fantastic to see so many of you there and we are very grateful for all your help in working with the children at home to practise saying their lines and singing all the wonderful songs. (Yes, we spotted many of you joining in and will have to book you in to help us out next year!!)

Christmas Production
playThis year, we are doing a brand new performance called ‘Angel Express’.

The children in Nursery and Reception have all been working so hard to learn all of the songs and we are now working on our lines and stage directions. It would be really helpful if you could practise any lines your child may have with them at home. If your child does not have any lines, please don’t worry, this just means that your child has a different role during the play.

EYFS Christmas Performance: Wednesday 7th December at 9.30

Gardening Club
The children in Reception have been lucky enough to be chosen to work with Mrs Harris alongside our ‘Food for Thought’ gardener, Jimmy, every Monday lunch time in Gardening Club. So far, we have enjoyed working together to tidy up our outdoor area, plant some crocus bulbs to raise awareness of the dangerous illness polio and we recently made bird feeders using pipe cleaners and cheerios!!

IMG_3266 IMG_3270 IMG_3272 IMG_3279 IMG_3285IMG_3276

We made our very own jam!!!
We have been very busy little chefs this week. We all had a go at creating our very own jar of jam with the help of two professional chefs. We had to listen very carefully and follow all of the instructions that we were given. We chopped up strawberries using knives with great care and control and mixed our strawberries with A LOT of sugar! It was lots and lots of fun. We really hope that you enjoyed tasting this fresh home made jam as a family.

Look what we found…
Today, while we were busy learning in our woodland area we came across a tiny creature. It was IMG_3354a hedgehog!! We carefully brought it inside to take a closer look. We noticed that it had a very spikey body and tiny little claws. It had a pointy black nose and two shiny little eyes. It also had whiskers and seemed to be a little bit shy at first.

We all got to have a closer look at our little hedgehog and talked with our friends about the different things it might like to eat in the woods. We measured the hedgehog very carefully…it was 17cm long!!

We have realised that our new woodland area is a home to lots of different creatures and we need to make sure we do our best to look after them. Next week, we will make some hedgehog houses to keep these beautiful creatures safe during the winter months.

Keep your eyes out for any creatures living in your garden at home and let us know if you find anything hiding away.