Year 4S

A huge and warm welcome to our class page, from Mrs Sadiq and Miss Cameron!!

It is our great pleasure to be teaching your children this year again and we look forward to another exciting year ahead.

                                    SUMMER TERM

Welcome to our final term of this year, we have another exciting term ahead with a lot to look forward to.


Swimming continues to be every Monday afternoon, please ensure that your child has their full swimming kit, including swimming caps for the girls. In just a short space of time, it has been wonderful to see how much progress the children have already made and grown in confidence.


In Maths, we will complete work on Statistics and continue to practise our ‘Arithmetic’ and ‘Reasoning’ skills. We will also revisit some topics to reinforce our learning.


We have finished our topic on Performance Poetry and the children have thoroughly enjoyed writing their own versions of ‘Please Mrs Butler’. These have now been displayed outside our classroom and we are all very proud of the poems children have written and performed.


We have now started our new topic on ‘Stories with dilemmas’ and the children will later on be writing their own versions which we really look forward to reading!

Before the end of the summer term, we will also cover work on ‘Instructions’ and ‘Persuasive texts’.


The children are very excited about making their Holy Communion this summer term. They have been preparing for this important sacrament in school and at the church and we would also like to thank all the parents and guardians for their support too.

Topics covered in R.E this term are:

New life– to hear and live the Easter message.

Building bridges– celebrating Reconciliation,

God’s people– different saints show people what God is like.





Last half term, we studied about the geographical features of our local area and then moved on to researching and  learning about some European countries. This term, we are going to learn about ‘Kenya’ and further compare and contrast physical and human geographical features, including how our lives are similar and different to those living in Kenya. Did you know that Mrs Sadiq was born and spend her childhood in Kenya? It is really interesting listening to her experiences and asking lots of questions!!


Look at our fabulous ‘Kenya’ display!

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Welcome back!! A very Happy New Year, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a restful break.


The children have been so excited about starting our swimming lessons once again and their enthusiasm is admirable. Please note that Y4S swimming is every Monday from 1.00-1.30p.m, however, we leave school at 12.30p.m and return back by 2.00p.m. It is essential that your child has their full swimming kit in school every Monday, including swimming caps for the girls.


For Maths this term, we will be covering work on:

Measurement: converting different units of measurement; estimating, comparing and calculating different measures, including money in pounds and pence; finding the area of rectilinear shapes (including counting squares) in cm and m; reading, writing and converting time between analogue and digital, 12 and 24-hour clocks; solving problems involving different measures, fractions and money.


Geometry: comparing and classifying geometric shapes, including quadrilaterals and triangles, based on their properties and sizes; identifying acute and obtuse angles; lines of symmetry; describing positions on a 2-D grid as coordinates in the first quadrant and translations; plotting specified points and drawing sides to complete a given polygon.


In English this term, we have started looking at Stories set in an imaginary world. At the end of the unit, children will write their own version of a story in an imaginary world, applying all the learning from this block. We will then move on to covering work on Magazines (non-fiction) and a poetry unit.

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Topics covered in R.E this term are:

CommunityLife in the local Christian community and ministries in the parish.

We ‘hot-seated’ Father Ed and interviewed him about his role as a priest and how he serves our parish community. It was very interesting to discover how many different ways Father Ed contributes to our local community and what an important role he has. Can you guess how many baptisms Father Ed carried out in 2016? Many of us are now looking forward to making our Holy Communion soon.


Sacramental Preparation Module- Celebrating The Mass – What do Catholics Do?

Self disciplineCelebrating growth to new life

Other faith: Islam– Holy Books


Living things and their habitats

  • recognising that living things can be grouped in a variety of ways
  • exploring and using classification keys to help group, identify and name a variety of living things in their local and wider environment


For the first half term, we will study about The Maya civilisation.

The children will learn who the ancient Maya people were and where and when they lived. They will use maps and atlases to locate Maya cities and identify countries in Mesoamerica. In addition to this they will learn about the religious beliefs and find out more about some of the many gods they worshipped. The children will also learn about the Maya number and writing system The children will learn the types of food eaten and clothes worn by the ancient Maya people. They will also find out about the significance of corn and chocolate, arguing which was most important in a class debate.

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English and Spellings homework will be set on a Monday, to be returned back by Friday.

Maths homework will be set on a Tuesday and to be also returned back by Friday.

Please ensure that your child learns their spellings as we test them weekly.

We’ve also started testing on times tables, your child will know which times tables they need to learn every week for the test the following week.


P.E is on a Wednesday afternoon and swimming on Mondays as mentioned earlier,

Could you please ensure that your child has their full P.E kit in school, including suitable foot wear (pumps). I would also like to stress the importance of having your child’s name in every item of clothing.

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In Maths this term, we have covered work on Number, Place value, Adding and Subtracting. After the half term, we will be focusing on Multiplication, Division and Fractions. In addition, we will also challenge ourselves with reasoning skills and word problems.

I would like to stress the importance of children practising their basic skills in Maths regularly, which will further help them in mental and written maths work. These basic skills include: times tables (multiplication and division), number bonds, doubling and halving numbers, addition and subtraction.


In English, we have really enjoyed learning about stories in Historical settings, List poems and Kennings. The children have written their own fabulous stories set during the war and have thoroughly enjoyed writing their own list poems on their chosen subject/theme. After the half term, we will be covering work on Stories from other cultures, Magazines and Creating images in Poetry.

We were very lucky to invite War veterans who we interviewed about their experiences and what life was like during that time. Through the hot-seating tasks, we learned so much and really enjoyed looking at the real-life clothing……. we even got to try it on!!

image image image image image image image image image image image image image

Do remember to check the Pobble website where we publish a small selection of writing every week. Please do encourage your child to read and comment on other childrens’ work too. This allows them to appreciate and celebrate someone else’s writing as well ‘pinch’ ideas and vocabulary to improve their own work. We always encourage children to learn from each and share ideas and the Pobble website is an excellent platform for them to experience this.

Topics covered in R.E this term are:

People – The family of God in Scripture

Called- Confirmation: a call to witness

Judaism– The holy book of Torah

Gift- God’s gift of love and friendship in Jesus


As part of celebrating the ‘Year of Mercy’ the Year 4 focus is to help those who need clothes. We would like to thank you for your generosity in sending unwanted items of clothing which Mrs Daly and a small group of Year 4 children, very kindly delivered to our local charity shop. A special thanks to Mrs Daly who conveyed the message of gratitude from the charity shop to the school, pupils and parents/carers.

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We are really enjoying our topic on Animals including humans. Children have been learning about the digestive system parts and function; types and functions of teeth, including tooth decay.

image image

Did you know that both teeth and eggshells are made of stone-like minerals containing mostly calcium? To find out about the effects of different liquids on our teeth, we designed and carried out an investigation of soaking a boiled egg in different liquids. We observed and recorded the results over a week. Can you guess which liquid would be most harmful to our teeth?


In History, we are learning about Ancient Britain with a particular focus on Stone age and Iron age. We are learning about the clothing, food, houses, jobs and lifestyle of early humans during that time period. We will then compare these time periods to the modern day and analyse the similarities and differences.


Year 4 visit to the Central Library in Liverpool

As part of our continued efforts to raise standards of literacy in our school, Year 4 were lucky enough to be invited to a Guided Reading session in the Central Library. This session was delivered by trainee teachers from Liverpool Hope University who planned exciting reading activities where children demonstrated and improved their comprehension and reading skills. Children thoroughly enjoyed this experience, being around such a stimulating and engaging environment. We further encourage all children to join their local library as it is highly beneficial in improving reading skills, as well as instilling a love for reading which further impacts on writing skills.

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