Year 5W

Spring Term, 2017

 Happy New Year and welcome back!!

Mrs Walker-Rávena and Mrs O’Grady are looking forward to another exciting and full of fun year with our fabulous class!

During this half term the children in Y5W are going to be very busy learning new concepts and skills and more importantly, having fun whilst learning.


In English, the children in Mrs Walker-Ravena’s group will be learning about instructions, they will read, analyse and write instructions for a variety of purposes. On this website you can find activities and information on how to write good instructions. 

During our poetry lessons,we  will  read and study some narrative poems  , amongst others:

Chocolate Cake –  Michael Rosen

Isabel – Ogden Nash

The Jumblies –Edward Lear

The children will have the opportunity to write their own inspiring themselves on these  well known ones.

Throughout the half term, we will revise and study grammatical terms and constructions

We will concentrate on verb tenses; adverbs and adjectives; sequencing connectives and fronted adverbials and punctuation in particular the use full stops and commas.

Children’s work will be published on POBBLE, the children will let you know , so don’t forget to check the website.


This term Miss Morgan’s Y5 Maths class will be covering objectives from different areas of Maths


  • Compare and order fractions whose denominators are all multiples of the same number
  • Identify, name and write equivalent fractions of a given fraction,
  • Recognise mixed numbers and improper fractions and convert from one form to another
  • Add and subtract fractions with the same denominator and denominators that are multiples of the same number.


  • Estimate and compare acute, obtuse and reflex angles,
  • Draw a given angle, and measure them in degrees.
  • Name 3-D shapes and describe their properties such as number and shape of the faces and number of edges and vertices
  • Name and describe regular and irregular polygons. Shapes include triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, hexagons, heptagons and octagons.
  • Identify, describe and represent the position of a shape following a reflection or translation.


  • Complete, read and interpret information in tables, including timetables


The children will continue to revise written methods of addition and subtraction involving larger numbers and decimals. They will also strengthen short and long multiplication skills and short division methods

Mental Maths

In our mental starters they will revise:

  • Times tables
  • Number bonds
  • Simple mental addition of larger numbers
  • Doubling whole numbers and decimals
  • Halving numbers
  • Simple subtraction
  • Place value of numbers up to six digits.


During our science lessons, we will be learning  at Living things and their habitats. The children will be introduced to the idea that all living things have certain characteristics that are essential for keeping them alive and healthy. They will find out that living things live in habitats to which they are suited and describe how different habitats provide for the basic needs of different kinds of animals and plants, and how they depend on each other.


In RE we will look into the work of charities as well as discuss people’s role in our christian communities.  We will learn a bout Jesus’ mission  and how the Catholic Church follows the example of Jesus and continues his mission on Earth.


Trough our history topic: The Great , the Bold and the Brave!

Classical civilisations:Greece

The children  will find out about that the history of western civilisation begins with the Greeks and the Romans. Their expanding empires helped to spread ideas about architecture, food, entertainment, literature, science, medicine and politics across the globe.


We will be concentrating on Funs this half term which develop the basic skills of P.E. for example balancing, throwing, catching etc. Our P.E. lessons will continue to take place on a Tuesday so please make sure your child brings in their full school P.E. kit. The usual P.E. clubs which take place at dinner time will be running again this year, as well as the dodgeball session after school on a Friday.

We are lucky enough to have a new LLSP coach to support us this year with our P.E. lessons as well as help out with clubs!