Year 6

                                                                                                   Year 6 – 2017


Welcome to our page……here is some important information about what is coming for Year 6!

This half term is a very busy term -there is a variety of exciting and challenging activities coming up.


In Maths this half term, we will be covering areas such as:

  1. Fractions

     Cancelling down fraction

     Finding equivalent fractions

     Converting fractions to decimals and percentages

     Adding/subtracting/multiplying and dividing fractions;

  1. Finding percentages and fractions of different amounts, and solving word problems;
  1. Continue to strengthen written methods of addition, subtraction, short and long multiplication and short and long division;
  1. Continue to develop and strengthen our maths basic skills, which include adding and subtracting whole numbers and decimals mentally, doubling larger numbers and decimals, number bonds , halving and of course we will continue to practice our times tables!



This half term, we will be analyzing and writing persuasive texts. This includes putting together ‘for’ and ‘against’ arguments on relevant issues such as ‘Is graffiti vandalism or art?’

Grammar and punctuation lessons will be also be taught every week and grammatical points will be reinforced during reading and writing lessons.

This half term we will revise, study and analyse:

  • Parts of speech
  • Different types of nouns and noun phrases.
  • Simple and complex sentences and clauses, including relative clauses
  • Use of commas
  • Fronted adverbials and connectives


Sources – This includes learning all about the bible-how to read a bible reference,  what books are in the bible and the bible in our everyday life. We will be looking at the Old Testament and researching the Hebrew scriptures, the New Testament and the gospels and Acts/Letters and Revelation.



In Science, we will be finding out about the properties of solids, liquids and gases. We will also be investigating different factors such as: solubility, dissolving, evaporation, condensation and separating mixtures.


This half term, we will continue to learn about the Egyptians along with designing our own Tutankhamen masks and canopic jars.


Other activities/events taking place this term.


The focus in our school this year is to develop children’s enjoyment of reading/ develop the skill of reading fluently and strengthen our understanding of what we read.

Therefore in order to promote this, we have started a selection of clubs

  1. Reading carousels take place every day in class-these include guided read sessions with teachers and LSOs, reading for pleasure and reading comprehensions
  2. Some Year 6 children are taking part in the ‘Beanstalk’ reading programme which increases children’s reading fluency and comprehension. 
  3. Year 6 will also have extra reading comprehension sessions led by Miss Morgan and supported by Mrs Moore and Mrs O’Neill.
  4. Some Year 6 have also taken on the role of ‘Lunch time Librarians’ encouraging all year groups to come and read with them or independently during lunch.

Times table challenge

The Maths challenge I will be setting for all the KS2 children is to learn their time tables!

We will then be having a times table challenge class versus class…and even the teachers are taking part and we aim to win!

Y3 v Y4S

Y4J v Y5B

Y5W v Y6

I will provide each child with a copy of their tables and if you can, could you practice them at home. This will help build your child’s knowledge and confidence with their times tables.

More details and photographs will follow……..(Miss Morgan)


This term the children will be developing their basket ball, bench ball and dance skills(second half term! I’m really looking to see Year 6 dancing!


English and Maths Boosters start on Tuesday 10th January 2017


Tuesdays Group 2-Miss Morgan

Thursday Group 1-Miss Morgan


Tuesday Group 1-Mrs Walker

Thursday Group 2-Mrs Walker


Christmas Production


The Christmas production of Scrooge (if you didn’t get to see it) was AMAZING! The acting and singing from Year 6 was outstanding, as was the singing and dancing from Y3, Y4 and Y5.

Photographs will be added soon……..


Thanks for reading our page. Please come back soon for updates and photographs of activities and events mentioned.


Miss Morgan and Mrs Moore