Year 1


Hello and welcome to our Year 1 page.

Class Teacher Miss See, Learning Support Officer Mrs Mackenzie

Here you can keep up to date with all the amazing activities we have been doing so far in class.

Summer 2017

Science & DT 

This half term we have combined Science with Design technology to build pirate ships for Captain Perrywinkle . We started by testing various materials to see which ones are waterproof and if they sink or float. Then we designed our pirate ships, thinking about what a good ship would need and how they would move in the wind. Next we built them using recycled materials we collected. Finally we tested them in water and even raced them to see which one had the best sail!

English – Oi Frog!

This half term we have been using the story book ‘Oi Frog!’ to inspire our own creative writing. Using Talk 4 Writing we can confidently act out and retell the story and we even innovated the story by creating whole characters, concentrating on rhyme and pattern.

Spring 2017

Art – pattern making 

On the 3rd of February we had a fantastic Art lesson. We used a variety of different materials and mediums to create repeated patterns, some of the results were very interesting indeed!

National Number Day

On the 2nd of February we celebrated national number day by hosting a stay and play maths session, a big thank you to all of the parents who came in and played lots of fun maths games.

Science – Materials 

In Science this term we have been researching various materials and discovering their properties, in this lesson we made predictions and tested materials to see if they would sink or float.

English – Jack and the beanstalk

In English we have been learning all about the traditional tale – Jack and the beanstalk.  On Wednesday 11th January we looked at the character of the Giant, we used roll on the wall to share ideas about how the Giant feels in the story, what things does he say and we used adjectives to describe his features.

IMG_3641 IMG_3642 IMG_3640 IMG_3639

Bobby the Giant!

Bobby the Giant!


Anna the Giant!

Anna the Giant!


Autumn 2016

History – Toys 

On Thursday 24th November we learnt all about toys from the past. We discussed the differences between modern and old toys and then we made our own traditional toy  ‘ball and cup’  It was easy to make but tricky to master!


Science – our senses 

On Friday 14th October we investigated how our sense of smell helps us to taste and enjoy our food. We tasted lots of different and unusual food and noticed the difference in taste when we held our noses.

A bit too sour for some

A bit too sour for some


Getting stuck into some juicy pineapple.

Getting stuck into some juicy pineapple.


Not big fans of Marmite!

Not big fans of Marmite!





For our first English topic we did lots of work on the book ‘Biscuit Bear’ by Mini Grey. We role played scenes from the book, wrote out a shopping list, baked our own bears and even decorated them!


We are currently learning all about ‘The Naughty Bus’ by Jan Oke. So far we have created our own toy town and we have acted out scenes in the book using our own favourite toys. Just a few days ago we had an unexpected visit from the naughty bus, he was extremely naughty and wrecked our class room!

IMG_1739 IMG_1738


This term we have been learning all about place value. We have been ordering numbers up to 100, estimating how many objects, counting in twos to help us recognise odd and even numbers and looking for patterns on our 100 square.

We like playing lots of games in class to help us with our addition and subtraction skills.


Come and See

To finish our first Come and See topic ‘Families’ we read about Jesus as a young boy, we compared his family to our own and discussed what his everyday life would have been like. We then role played a day in the life of Jesus.

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