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As a school we follow the National Curriculum Programmes of Study throughout Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. To read more about what this covers in greater detail please click here or you may wish to read in greater detail about our ‘Maths Policy – 2016-2017‘.

Maths in our school!

St. Ambrose is now a ‘Liverpool Counts’ school as we recently achieved the silver award. This means that as a school, we are committed to  raising the profile of Maths.
As a school, we encourage our children to have:

  • A ‘ can do’ attitude to Maths;
  • To always try their best and never give up;
  • To understand how important Maths is in our every day lives;
  • To use Maths skills in other areas of the curriculum.

Above all, we are dedicated to building our children’s knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm for Maths, not only in the classroom but in their every day lives…because


Maths rules in our school because…..

Year 1
‘It’s always proper good work!’ Bobby Lewtas

‘I know it’s good because I know numbers and I never used to’ Lacie Mae Jones

‘We can write numbers on white boards’ Sadie Murphey

‘We get to sort things out’ Luca Buckley

 Year 2…
‘I like Maths because they tell us about the things we don’t know about numbers….it’s fantastic!’ Ryan Johnson

Year 3…
‘I love Maths because it helps you learn how to add and subtract. It helps you to count your money when you go to the shops. I love Maths because I have learnt how to count forwards and backwards in hundreds. It is fantastic and phenomenal’ Lydia Mckindley

Year 4…
‘I like Maths because I am always excited to do another sum and another and another! I like the games we play like Swamp, Bing, Bong, Zong and Snap’. Matthew Edgehorn

Year 5…
‘Maths is fun. We have fun and it is cool! We have the best teachers in Maths. It is the best subject because it helps us in life it’s the best subject ever’. Daniel Duvall

Year 5…
‘I like Maths because it’s fun. I use it at school but I also use it at home, the shops and the airport.’ Pawel Karpacz

Year 6…
‘Maths rules because everybody needs it in everyday life. For example, counting how much you are spending at the shops. I love Maths, you love Maths, we all love Maths!’ Ruby Reynolds




Year 6 teacher
Maths Coordinator