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Each year our school has more applicants for Reception than there are places within the school available. When this happens our governing body applies the oversubscription criteria shown in our Admissions policy. Our ranking list is then matched with parents preferences and the first 30 that match are informed that their child has a place in our school. Children not in this first 30 are then kept on a waiting list.

To Submit an Appeal

School appeals should be submitted online via the Archdiocesan website wherever possible, by completing the form at:

If this is not possible please send an email to to include your name, address, telephone number and the school for which you wish to appeal and we will issue a form to you via email.
If neither of the above is possible please call 0151 522 1071 and leave a message. The Archdiocese will contact you as soon as possible but there may be a delay in doing so.