Year 4

Welcome to our Year 4 class page! Here you can find out what the children have been learning about this year.

For updated guidance that outline our school plans for returning to school in September please download our ‘Guide for Parents and Families’.

As we prepare for our move to Year 5, Miss Cusack has prepared a short video as part of our online transition.

As we begin to welcome children back to our school, online learning tasks will be posted here for the children who are not yet attending.

Home Learning Task  – wb/ 01/06/20

Home Learning Task wb 08/06/20

Home Learning Task w.b.15.06.20        w.b.15.06.20. R.E Home learning task

Home Learning Task w.b.22.06.20

Home Learning Task – wb 29/06/20

Home Learning Task – wb 6/7/20

Home Learning Task w.b.13.07.20

Spanish Task- Islas Canarias        Spanish Task-La oruga hambrienta actividades

Spanish Task- la oruga hambrienta colorear

Please scroll down the page for Home learning information during school closures.

Safeguarding: if you have concerns about the welfare of a child during school closures, please visit our page here:

The children take part in P.E. lessons every Tuesday (swimming) and Thursday. Children must attend school in their P.E. kit on those days.  Homework will be sent out every Monday. Children will receive a set of spellings and times tables to learn for the following week. These can be downloaded here  Y4 Spellings

Children are expected to read at home daily. Home reading books will be changed WEEKLY.

For regular updates, photographs and information, please follow us on Twitter. You can find our class page and also follow our whole school

Mrs Sadiq, Miss Cameron and Miss Owens

Please take a look at what is happening during the Spring Term via our latest learning log:

Y4- Autumn 2019

Y4 – Spring 2020

Summer 2020

Home Learning in case of school closure

We will be posting home learning tasks on this page for our class each week. This will consist of an English, Maths and topic learning task for the week. Additional Maths support, featuring daily lessons including a video tutorial for children and parents, are being posted by White Rose Maths Hub. For more information on this click here.
Families can then decide how to structure each week. Children should be reading each day and practising their spellings and times tables using TT Rockstars. All children have access to Reading Plus should also do this daily. We will update the learning expectations each week. If you want to access further free learning, click onto our Home learning tab

English Home Learning Tasks


Year 4 Spellings: Y4 Spellings Overview

w.b.16.03.20 English Task

w.b.23.03.20 English Tasks

w.b.30.03.20 English Tasks       Reading comprehension w.b.30.03.20

w.b.06.04.20 English Tasks

w.b.13.04.20 Easter English Task

w.b.20.04.20 English Tasks      Reading comprehension w.b.20.04.20

w.b.27.04.20 English Tasks      Reading Comprehension w.b.27.04.20     Reading Comprehension Questions w.b.27.04.20.

w.b.04.05.20 English Tasks      Reading comprehension 04.05.20

w.b.11.05.20 English Tasks      Reading comprehension w.b.11.05.20

w.b.18.05.20 English Tasks      w.b.18.05.20 English Planning Task        Reading comprehension w.b.18.05.20

Maths Home Learning Tasks

w.b 16.03.20 Maths Task

w.b 23.03.20 Maths Tasks

w.b.30.03.20 Maths Tasks

w.b.06.04.20 Maths Tasks

w.b.13.04.20 Easter Maths Tasks

w.b.20.04.20 Maths Tasks

w.b.27.04.20 Maths Tasks

w.b.04.05.20 Maths Tasks

w.b.11.05.20 Maths Tasks

w.b.18.05.20 Maths Tasks


Topic Home Learning Tasks

w.b.16.03.20 Topic Task 1- Music

w.b.23.03.20 Topic Task- Art

w.b.30.03.20 Topic Task

Easter Homework

w.b.20.04.20 Topic Task

w.b.27.04.20 Topic Task

w.b.04.05.20 Topic Task

w.b.11.05.20 Topic Task

w.b.18.05.20 Topic Task        KS2 RE Competition

Spanish Resource                  Spanish Answers

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