If you would like to apply for a place in our Nursery setting, please complete our application form and return it to school as soon as possible. These are available from the School Office.

I would like to remind all Parents/Guardians that just because your child has a place in our Nursery, this does NOT guarantee them with a place in our school Reception class. You must still follow the admissions procedure and complete the appropriate application forms.

St Ambrose is a Catholic School under the trusteeship of the Archdiocese of Liverpool. It is maintained by Liverpool City Council. As a Voluntary Aided School, the Governing Body is the Admissions Authority and is responsible for taking decisions on applications for admissions. The co-ordination of admissions arrangements is undertaken by the Local Authority. For the school’s year commencing September 2022, the Governing Body has set its admissions number at 30.

ADMISSIONS TO THE SCHOOL will be determined by the Governing Body. Parents/Guardians must complete a Local Authority Preference Form or apply online via the website  If you wish to have your application to be considered against that school’s faith/denomination criteria then you should ALSO complete the Supplementary Form which is available from the school or download it here. All preferences listed will be considered on an equal basis and, where there are more applications than the number of places available, the schools over subscription criteria will be applied.

To read more about our  Admissions Policy for 2022-23, please download by clicking here.