Pupil Attendance

Attendance at St Ambrose is a non-negotiable. All children are expected to attend school every day. We accept that children can become ill and recognise that some families may take children on holiday during term time, however our concern is that all children are in school and on time every day when they are able.

We expect every child to aim to be in attendance for at least 97% of each year, the Liverpool attendance target.

Roughly speaking this means a child should be in school for 185 out of 190 days per year as a minimum. Children not in school cannot be taught by our staff, in our curriculum. Children who miss just one lesson inevitably miss out and will struggle to close that gap in learning with their classmates.

Parents and families have the first responsibility for good attendance and for children being in school on time. Parents can expect a ‘first response’ phone call if we have not heard why your child is not in school. If we cannot raise a family member, then a home visit will take place.

We employ an Educational Welfare Officer to support our attendance strategy who will offer advice and support to families, but will also levy fines and involvement of other services if attendance does not improve.

We will reward children who attend school well and in particular, children with 100% attendance.

We ask that parents who either bring children late or wish to take them early for medical appointments, bring an appointment card as proof of the appointment.

We will not authorise holidays under any circumstances.

You can read our attendance policy here