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I am delighted to inform you that we have recently been awarded the Liverpool Counts Quality Mark Silver Award! This is a fantastic achievement for our school and we are very proud of Miss Morgan, the Maths Co-ordinator, who has worked so very hard to raise the profile of Maths in our School! It was decided St Ambrose should take part in the Liverpool Counts Quality Mark Pilot Scheme earlier this year. The main aim of this scheme is to encourage our children to have:

 A ‘ can do’ attitude to Maths;

 To always try their best and never give up;

 To understand how important Maths is in our everyday lives;  To use Maths skills in other areas of the curriculum.

There were many reasons why this award was given but the primary reason was our decision to introduce the Maths Buddy System in school. We are very proud of our Maths buddies, elected by the children in Years 4, 5 and 6. They are the “Maths voice” in their class and their love of Maths shines through, along with the pride they take in being a buddy. The younger children now strive to be just like them – enthusiastic, love Maths and know their basic skills and strategies.

We have always placed great emphasis on Maths basic skills at St Ambrose and with our consistent approach towards the different strategies it is lovely to see the buddies “modelling” the different ways to carry out simple Maths operations. Every class has a Maths working wall which has strategies that are needed for their particular year group and topics that the children are covering. All classes also have a ‘numeracy for life’ area which poses questions linked to real life and Maths is now visible in corridors on displays and classrooms. For more information, check out the section, “Liverpool Counts”.

Well done to Miss Morgan and all the Maths buddies!