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Preparing a budget
When children earn a 100%  attendance as a class, they are given an amount of money to spend on a treat -these can include cinema afternoons or trips out of school. The children have to work together to spend the money  so that they can buy a selection of treats for their class! The more wisely they spend the more treats they get!!!

Food Cloud
We are now part of the food cloud scheme which will enable us to sell items in school. Some of the Y5 and 6 children will run the stall, keep accounts and work our daily and weekly totals and averages.

Money week
In March, our school will be having their own ‘my money week’ money wk

My Money Week is a national activity week for primary and secondary schools that provides a fantastic opportunity for young people to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence in money matters to thrive in our society.

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Miss Morgan

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