Maths in Our School

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Foundation Stage

Key Stage 1

Key Stage 2

This is what our children think of Maths!

Maths rules in our school because…..

‘It’s always proper good work!’ Bobby Lewtas

‘I know it’s good because I know numbers and I never used to’ Lacie Mae Jones

‘We can write numbers on white boards’ Sadie Murphey

‘We get to sort things out’ Luca Buckley


I like Maths because they tell us about the things we don’t know about numbers….it’s fantastic!’ Ryan Johnson

Year 1

I love Maths because it helps you learn how to add and subtract. It helps you to count your money when you go to the shops. I love Maths because I have learnt how to count forwards and backwards in hundreds. It is fantastic and phenomenal’ Lydia Mckindley

Year 2

‘I like Maths because I am always excited to do another sum and another and another! I like the games we play like Swamp, Bing, Bong, Zong and Snap’ Matthew Edgehorn

Year 3M

‘I love Maths because it is fun and cool. I like doing fun maths games, number bonds as well as counting on. Maths rules in our school.’ Ronnie Rooney

Year 3S

‘Maths is fun. We have fun and it is cool! We have the best teachers in Maths. It is the best subject because it helps us in life it’s the best subject ever’ Daniel Duvall

Year 4B

‘I like Maths because it’s fun. I use it at school but I also use it at home, the shops and the airport.’ Pawel Karpacz

Year 4S

‘Maths rules because everybody needs it in everyday life. For example, counting how much you are spending at the shops. I love Maths, you love Maths, we all love Maths!’ Ruby Reynolds

Year 5

‘Maths rules because it is fun, exciting and challenging! It always pushes me to do my very best at it. When I go into class I’m excited and thrilled to see what we are doing. It helps me and I love doing it and learning new things’ Lily Ross

Year 6W

‘Maths rules because it’s fun. It’s good for life. It’s creative, it’s challenging and trains us up in our adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing-it’s great for the future’ Patrick Murray

Year 6W

‘Maths rules for me because it’s fun, short and sharp. I enjoy doing it because it challenges me and I want to achieve the best I can. Maths is about life and work’ Milosz Luberda

Year 6M