Meet the Maths Team

As maths champion, it is my role to raise the profile of Maths in our school but I can’t do it alone!

selenajeanmaths buddies
The Maths Champion        The Maths Governor       The Maths Buddies

Mrs Rudkin is our maths governor. She is part of our maths team.

I have my ‘mini champs’ known as the maths buddies who are a big help!

The children in Year  5 and 6 elected some of their class mates to promote Maths in our school

The role of a buddy includes:

  • Working with the younger children where necessary revising basic skills, playing number games or problem solving with them. At the moment the buddies work in Year 1, Year 2, Year 3 and in foundation…they are already really busy!
  • They can be called upon by any teacher to come and help out if the teacher feels they could benefit a particular child in their class by explaining a concept in a ‘child friendly’ way.
  • Meeting with me regularly and being the ‘Maths voice’ of children in their class.
  • we are also introducing Maths lunch time clubs for the younger children which will be led by the buddies.These will be starting in January

Alfie Churchill Y5  ‘I was delighted to be picked as a maths buddy because Maths is my favourite subject and I enjoy working with the little ones’

James Gough Y6 ‘I’m excited to be a maths buddy, a bit nervous to be working with the younger children but overwhelmed to have been elected’

Bethany Y5 ‘I felt surprised and a bit nervous but I will do my best as a maths buddy!’

The Maths Buddies in Action

bud 2 bud 3 bud 1

bud 4We also have EAL Maths buddies. They are also available to work with all children from different classes. However, if there is a polish child that requires help we can call an EAL buddy to translate