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num day

                                                                          National Number Day 2017

On Friday 3 February 2017, it was National Number day and our school was delighted to be supporting the NSPCC again by taking part in the Number day event. In school that week it was all about Maths!

Here are some of the events that took place:

Tuesday 31st January: Numeracy through football

Each KS2 class took part in a football session and a numeracy ‘football’ workshop
Football practice consisted of: A fun warm up, skills, turns and tricks and a tournament.
Maths activities included: problem solving-using league tables, number bonds/doubles-using shirt numbers and transfer values, column addition-using dream teams, scale and coordinates-using stadium coordinates and time line and calendars.
All the children loved the activities and the football! The classroom based maths activities covered different aspects of Maths with links to football….I don’t think the children were aware how much maths they actually did!

Thursday 2nd February: KS2 challenges

The class challenges have proved to be a great success in KS2 so we decided it was time for a KS2 Times table challenge!

Y3 v Y4S,

Y4J v Y5B

 Y5W v Y6

All KS2 were given times table homework to prepare them for their challenge. In each class teachers devised competitive, differentiated games so classes could challenge each other to see who could recall their times tables the fastest!
Year 4 were the overall champions winning both of their challenges- the children were absolutely delighted as were the teachers! They couldn’t wait to tell everyone they were the champions.
The Y5/Y6 challenge, which consisted of a times table game and a speed test, proved to be very well matched as the result was a draw! Year 6 have already challenged Year 5 to a rematch they definitely want to be the champions next time!

Friday 3rd February: National Number Day!
Foundation stage held a ‘Stay and Play’ Maths morning where parents were invited to drop in and join their children in solving different Maths challenges in different areas of play. Every half hour, there was also a number song ‘dance off!’ Homework was given relating to Maths titled ‘Maths about me’ where children used Maths to describe all about themselves. For example: they were asked to count how many teeth they have or how many fingers they have.

KS1 held a ‘Stay and Play’ morning where parents were welcome to stay and play a variety of different Maths games.
The teachers and delighted as the majority of parents stayed and played maths games-they have now decided to use a similar idea for World Book Day.


KS2 held a Maths basic skills morning where each class worked with all the different KS2 teachers. The morning was full of fun maths games to strengthen children’s basic skills and confidence in Maths while having fun, fun, fun!
Games included ‘Countdown’ led by Mr Byatt, Times table loop games led by Mrs Sadiq, the Five lives game/Shouting out game led by Miss Morgan, a mental arithmetic challenge led by Mr MacKenzie and a maths competitive challenge game led by Mr Stinchcomb.

Fund raising for the NSPCC

As mentioned, Number Day supports The NSPCC, therefore, we decided to have a 2p race challenge- all classes throughout the school collected as many 2 ps as they possibly could. The class who collected the most won a prize and the money we raised was donated to the NSPCC.
It was amazing to see how many children brought in 2ps, the competition was definitely on to see who could raise the most money for the NSPCC!
On Friday 17th February, all the classes had to line their 2ps out in the corridor/yard to see which class had raised the most….they then had to count their money.
The winners in KS2 were Y5, in Foundation/KS1 Y1 raised the most.
Total to date: Y6: £47, Y5: £52, Y4: £36, Y3: £17

I would like to thank everyone who donated their 2 pences,  it was a great success!







Photographs from Number Day will be added to our website as soon as possible.


Thanks for your support.


Miss Morgan
Senior Assistant Head/Maths Champion