Reading in St Ambrose

At St. Ambrose, our pupils learn to read and write effectively and quickly using the Read Write Inc. Phonics programme. Children work on the programme until they have a secure understanding of phonics, which they are able to apply to their reading and writing.

Read Write Inc. Phonics

The programme is for:

  • Pupils in Reception to Year 2 who are learning to read and write.
  • Any pupils in Years 2, 3 and 4 who need to catch up rapidly
    In Read Write Inc. Phonics pupils:
  • Decode letter-sound correspondences quickly and effortlessly, using their phonic knowledge and skills
  • Read common exception words on sight
  • Understand what they read
  • Read aloud with fluency and expression
  • Write confidently, with a strong focus on vocabulary and grammar
  • Spell quickly and easily by segmenting the sounds in words
  • Acquire good handwriting.

In addition to this, all pupils in school take part in a weekly guided reading session. Once children have completed Read Write Inc., they take part in daily whole class reading sessions. These sessions allow children to apply their decoding skills to a range of texts, but also develop their comprehension skills. Each day a different question domain is the focus, which can be found below:

KS1 St Ambrose Reading Comprehension Domains

KS2 St Ambrose Reading Comprehension Domains