In St Ambrose we are passionate about mathematical learning and the application of this to the real world. We want Maths to be fun and enjoyable. We use the White Rose Mathematics scheme to support our learning as well and NCETM documentation and Development Matters for our Early Years children.

Please see below links to our various documents and long term plans.

Calculation Policy Document

Year 1 long term plan:

Year 2 long term plan:

Year 3 long term plan:

Year 4 long term plan:

Year 5 long term plan:

Year 6 long term plan:

Progression in skills and knowledge documents can be found below, click on the link:

Progression Map Statistics

Progression Map Ratio and Proportion

Progression Map Place Value

Progression Map Multiplication and Division (1)

Progression Map Measurement

Progression Map Geometry properties of shapes

Progression Map Geometry position direction and movement

Progression Map Fractions

Progression Map Algebra

Progression Map Addition and Subtraction