Science Day

St Ambrose celebrated the end of Major Tim Peake’s incredible mission on the International Space Station with a BANG! On Thursday 16th June the awesome Skybolt Rocket arrived at our school, and the children took part in Science Day.

We were visited by Cliff Porter, a European Space Agency Ambassador, Steve Bennett from Starchaser Industries, a company that aims to be a viable business in space tourism and Derek Stanley, Science Officer, from the Local Education Authority.

IMG_4955 IMG_4956 IMG_4981

It was a fun-filled day and the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed taking part in lots of science experiments and space related activities.  We had science shows with lots of amazing chemical reactions, designing and testing parachutes, making a solar system, handling space artefacts, such as Russian space food, a space shuttle thermal tile and meteorites! The children also built and launched their own air powered model rockets in the Rocket Factory.

IMG_0460 IMG_0478 IMG_0492 IMG_0526  IMG_0552 IMG_0577IMG_1109IMG_0157 IMG_5346IMG_1129



The day concluded with the launch of a 1 metre starchaser rocket, powered by real rocket fuel!  It flew hundreds of feet into the air, returning safely via parachute.


The day was a great success as the children have been inspired by the Tim Peake Primary Science Project.  We are sure their interest and exploration of science will continue.