Our Pupils’ Fantastic Behaviour
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The school is often complimented on the wonderful and excellent manner by which the children conduct themselves, both by visitors who have come into school and by members of other schools whilst the children have been representing St Ambrose in competitions etc.

These are some of the comments made:-

“They have hearts of gold” ……

“They have a warmth about them” ………….

“They are so respectful and have such wonderful manners” ………….

“It’s not only children in a particular class who need commending for their behaviour, it’s in every class all the way up the school”.

Both myself and the staff know how lovely the children are but it is always fantastic to hear such comments from others!! Well done to you all. We are really proud of you!!


We are, as always, very grateful for the support from all the parents that we receive.


Mrs T O’Neill