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PE Lessons

We have a broad and balanced PE curriculum, with an emphasis on developing: motor skills and coordination; teamwork and cooperation; competence and confidence in a range of physical activities. Children are encouraged to develop their health and fitness and gain a life-long love of many forms of physical exercise. Two hours of curriculum time are dedicated to PE lessons each week across all year groups. These lessons cover aspects of athletics, dance, gymnastics and team games/tasks. Children also take part in outdoor and adventurous activities, both in PE lessons as well as being able to take part in an after school club that takes place on a weekly basis.


Children now in Years 3- 6 participate in swimming lessons booked through LSSP. Each class travels by coach for a 35 minute lesson once a week from January – July.  The children are grouped according to swimming ability. St Ambrose staff support trained swimming teachers and the children to work towards the National Curriculum expectations for swimming skills and water safety practice and understanding.


It is very important to monitor the progress of all of the children at St Ambrose in regards to P.E.  In order to do this, we have started to allow the children (mainly from KS2) to become leaders of their own assessment. This involves the children using IPads to take pictures whilst performing movements/skills during their P.E. lessons once every half term. If the children can see themselves, with the help of a partner, or members of staff, they have the chance to adjust and hopefully improve their performances in all future P.E. lessons.

Below we have some examples from P.E. lessons from various classes and some clips for you in order to view examples of some of the P.E lessons taught here at St Ambrose Primary School.

Invasion games – Basketball 

IMG_1211 IMG_1275   IMG_1040  IMG_1039


file-4  file-2

Net and Wall games Y5W

IMG_4246 IMG_4282

IMG_4192 IMG_4209 IMG_4233 IMG_4183


IMG_4115  IMG_3569  IMG_4062  IMG_4111  IMG_3576  IMG_3562

Commando Joe

IMG_0997 IMG_0998 IMG_0989 IMG_0988


IMG_1077 IMG_1082

file4-1 IMG_1084 IMG_1087 IMG_1128 IMG_1093

Ball skills/games

IMG_1131 IMG_1137 IMG_1132 IMG_1143 IMG_2766 IMG_1141

Outdoor activities

PE Pic 1 PE pic 3 PE. Pic 2

Striking and Fielding

photo 3   photo 2 (2)   photo 4

photo 5   photo 4 (2)   photo 2

Shoot the hoop

IMG_1159 IMG_1163 IMG_1167 IMG_1158